Sunday, 4 October 2015

And the bead keeps going on...27-30 Sept 1-3 Oct

Week 40 - September 2015

This first one is number 1000. 365+365+270=1000. 2 3/4 years of daily beads!




September's beads together

October - tassels which I can stitch on to things. (Yesterday, I talked about the process leading up to making these.)



Saturday, 3 October 2015


Taking it a bit easy the past few days after having done a bit too much.

I have been trying to come up with a way to do a tassel for the daily bead project.
This was my inspiration - in amongst a lot of bead things given to me.

So, at first I thought I would turn some of these, which I have been collecting...
into some of these.
But too much time and I was not happy with the construction. Too much of a mess in the inside of the cube.

Then someone gave me some little wooden beads.

And I had a go at that.
So, good to this point. Just a few changes I would make.

And I had another go. (They are very small.)

But just getting it to this point was, again, too much time. It would work if I were doing one a week, but not one a day.

So, plan B.
In the summer at the Festival of Quilts, there was a trader from the Netherlands who had loads of charms at reasonable prices. Wow! What to choose?
I only had so much money though, and buying 30+ does add up.
They were sold by the weight, so I found these little hearts.
I wasn't sure what they wanted to be, but I knew I would find the right time and something to do with them.
So, I have been able to develop a tassel-like 'item' using some of my fancier beads.

And you can see them in tomorrow's bead post!

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Ramshackle Tower finish!

So today I got on with the finishing of the Ramshackle Tower.

I quilted the sky by using a twin needle to draw 'night breezes' across the sky.

I had found, as with the crayons, that I didn't have enough of the right kind of brown to be the binding. I even auditioned a different colourway of the print I used for the tower. I had a dark brown print. But it seemed to take away the focus on the tower.
And then when I was getting design advice from my friend Pat, we decided the back of the print would work.

So, this afternoon I was carefully cutting and sewing binding. and then had started stitching it on. I like to try to get the leading edge to line up with something happening at the bottom centre of a piece if I can. Then when I get round to the finish, it makes a nice join that kind of blends with the path or whatever it might be.
So, I carefully lined it up and sewed to the corner. (I thought I had photos of this part.) just as I was about to make the mitred corner...I realised the print was on the outside.

So, back to the unpicker and resewing the joining seams on the binding.
double binding first pass sewn.
When this is turned to the backside, the join will be directly under the right side of the path.

and the rest was pretty easy. Until...

I set up a photo shoot in a different location - over the door - because this is much longer than most of my pieces and I needed a clear sight for the length of it. Hoping no one would come in. I got to the point where I was sorting the photo to get ready to submit it and I spotted a problem.

Do you see? I never did get that trunk on the tree!

So, I deleted the photos, put a trunk on - fused and stitched, coloured it in with the raw umber and got back to photographs. This time set up on my tall mirrored wardrobe so I didn't have to worry about 2 men and a dog coming to see if I was doing anything about dinner!

And the result you see at the top of this post.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Ramshackle Tower quilting

Today I have been quilting the tower. I still need to do the dark sky.

I really like how the horizontal quilting has given texture and 'reality' to the structure.

Monday, 28 September 2015

Still Life - in the news

Some time back I told you about the Still Life pieces that are to be part of Golden Key Senior Center in Maine in America.

This article was posted in the Lincoln News last week.
Photo: Kathy McIntyre

Here is a photo of the founders of the centre and me when I presented the quilts.
photo: Linda Campbell

And a reminder of the pieces.
Still Life: Feel the Beat and Still Life: Moving On

Sunday, 27 September 2015

And the bead keeps going on...20-26 Sept

Week 39 - September 2015








Saturday, 26 September 2015

Something on Saturday

Today I am off to do a talk to the North Downs Lace group.

I will be showing my gowns and talking about them. But I thought that lace people like to do fiddly things, so they might be interested in my bead project.

However, some are so small, they might get lost. So, I have been threading them by months to keep them together.
All the little packages of beaded bits.

and some which have been strung. Some of them look good as 'necklaces'!

I am not a making beaded necklaces person, but who knows, this might help me get to the point where I can begin to use them.

Friday, 25 September 2015

More on the Ramshackle Tower

So, I was thinking, that since the tower is now in darkness, that the ground should be a bit darker. So, why not try the crayon trick that worked for the bigger piece?

Do you realise that it is Very hard to find a Very Dark brown crayon? Or at least the ones I can find are all a bit red. Except raw umber.
So I tried it out. not too bad, though on this piece it seems a bit green.

And I carried on and did the big bush and the tree. and wished I hadn't because it is too much like colouring in. I can make this work. But this has answered the question about using colours.
The windows are cut in the extra arms.

Now I am trying to find the right brown which is not reddish and which will make a go-between for the dark brown background and the raw umber colouring! and of which I have enough for binding. and not ordering any online in case money is spent on 'not quite right'.

I may do a test to see what happens when I take the iron to the coloured in bits.(with paper over it to soak up the wax) Just in case I can knock back the greenish brown.

Re-engineering something you already did is not the 'funnest' thing in the world.

But I am on pause til next week because I am giving a talk to a group tomorrow.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Ramshackle redo progress

I mentioned the other day that I am redoing a Ramshackled piece.

I have added a few more arms. Up and down pinning and checking placement.

Now I need to add windows to the arms. and a trunk for the floating tree!

Margaret Cooter made a suggestion the other day about the windows. I didn't want to start implying the actual people living inside. I am trying to have the houses in the Ramshackle series be the ones with the character. But I did realise the windows were a bit too big and open.

So, I have added shade-like bits at the tops of the windows, which I think fills the need that was lacking. The additions are all still held in place by pins, so when you have a look, keep that in mind.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Beaded Bangle - 15

It has been a while since I did a beaded bangle. I was gearing up to take some as presents to America, but then this happened.

All the beads I was using for one of the bangles dumped out in the lounge - some caught on this book with a furry cover. So, even though I collected them, it took a while to want to work on them!
And then when I was starting to think about finishing that one, my brother became ill and died. So, no time.

And fast forward to now. The other day I read somewhere that it was 100 days til the big C. (Too early to talk about it!) So I thought this was a good time to fit in finishing this one.

And here is no. 15 finished.
I have also sorted out the beads to do the next one which will be pinkish.

Monday, 21 September 2015 sequins

So this month the daily bead has been using orange sequins for the little bits in the centre of the 'booklet pages'. I didn't have a great deal of these but I thought I had enough for the month.

Oh, but only enough for 4 more days.

So, what to do?
I didn't think any of the options in my sequins case would work. Either too red or too big or too something else.
So, I looked at sequins online. Well. not too expensive. One place online said around £1 for a pack of 250 or so. But I don't normally use orange - at all. So, just for 6 x 12 sequins...not worth it. Especially as they need you to buy at least £5 worth of goods. Okay, I can easily buy £5 worth of sequins! But at the moment, I do not need to start building up my sequin collection! I might buy a pack of orange sequins at some future date at a show if I see them.

New thought, what about punching holes in an orange bag?

Orange bag with holes

holes punched

oh...just a bit too big.

so stack them on a needle to trim them.

but when separated, they still were just a bit too 'not right'. (Besides having jagged edges!)
So, a bit more digging. probably a gold one is nearer.
I have settled on the lighter gold ones to the left. The photo seems to show the ones to the right look closer, but in real life, the others are closer and not as thick.

So, if I have done my sums right, I will combine the light gold sequins and the rest of the orange ones. I think I can do one orange one on every 'page spread'.

Watch this space for next Sunday to see if it worked.

But I haven't thrown away the punched holes. You never know...
and the mind races furiously into the future with ideas for using holes punched from plastic bags! I will get a sharper punch though!

Sunday, 20 September 2015

And the bead keeps going on...13-19 Sept

Week 38 - September 2015