Sunday, 14 September 2014

"And the Bead Goes On and on..." 7-13 September

2014 - Week 37 Daily Beads

some of the beads this week were a little bigger. A little different in overall look, but not too much.


This one is a pale aqua that shows colour more obviously in person.







Wednesday, 10 September 2014

adding trim

The turquoise dot blouse is getting a bit of trim here and there. I had thought of frilly, but decided against it. So, we will see how these flat bits turn out.
I am stitching them down with a simple pattern stitch on my machine.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

It's in the details

One of the blouses I am making is from fat quarters of fabric from Fair Trade Fabrics.
The front panels and the back panel (cut on the fold) are longer than the side panels because they go right up to the inside neck on one side. So, that made it difficult to cut from a fat quarter. I decided to carry on with the colour blocking and add a bit to the bottom from the turquoise dot fabric I am using for the other blouse.
For the front panel, it is just added in and cut making up the missing part of the pattern. But for the back panel, since it is cut on the fold, I hadn't a big enough piece from the scraps to cut out a piece without joining it in the centre. If I did that, I had enough to do something interesting.
I decided to pleat it in such a way as to hide the centre join a bit, and then just one more pleat to give it a false peplum look. I sure don't need great ruffles and peplums on my backside, but this gives a bit of interest referring to current style while still working for my figure.

The added piece then gets a bit more control when sewn and pressed. and even more when joined to the side back panels.

I got the sleeves on this blouse and the turquoise dot blouse today. Not much more because I also had a request to hem jeans for a Certain Young Man. They were also a bit too wide, and I tapered them in at the side to the hem. He looks very good in them now. Because they were cream colour, it was a lot easier to stitch the hem and make it look like original.
Sorry, I didn't get a photo.

Monday, 8 September 2014


The past few days I have been working to sew up the blouses I cut out earlier in August.

So far I have all the vertical seams (and shoulder seams) done. And the collars, cuffs and button stands interfaced.
and now I have the 2 with long sleeves nearly finished.
left: pink and blue stripe with contrast collar, cuffs, and button stands.
right: white on white embroidered cotton

Up to the point of needing the hem and needing the buttonholes and buttons.

The side panels of the pink and blue stripe are cut on an angle, so that the underarm seam has a chevron effect.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

"And the Bead Goes On and on..." 1-6 September

2014 - Week 36 Daily Beads
I am going back to posting Sunday to Saturday results rather than Monday to Sunday. The weekends are too busy to do 2 on Saturday - which is what I was doing in July and August - or to post later in the day on Sunday.

I am working with O rings this month. I had thought about something a little more complex, but soon realised I had too much on at the end of August and beginning of September to develop a different technique. ...and since plans look like I will be busy throughout September, not really a good time for something more time consuming!

So, O rings - these are red. I almost went with white beads, having white in my head from the beads I did for Karen Ruane, but decided on black beads instead, as I haven't worked with it much. Red and black go well together. I also decided to add blue to the colour combination. The blues will range from the greenish side of blue through to the purple side of blue.

I will post about the making up later in the month. But it is the same technique used for the star washers, curtain rings, and paper clips.




a blend of 3 different blue beads. There were not enough of each bead to do a whole ring on their own, so I worked out a pattern using them together.



Saturday, 6 September 2014

Cycling Race

As I mentioned with the Cycling journal quilt, I was also working on an A4 size piece with the same theme.

This time I used a hoop to do the thread painting which helped to keep the fabric from drawing up.

I was stitching through all 3 layers. the photo above shows the work just after  I had moved the hoop. One of the reasons I don't like using a hoop is that you run out of space. But, I will definitely consider it again if I am doing intense thread painting.

When I cut the cyclists out of the fabric, using a freezer paper stencil, I realised I hadn't fused the fabric first. I couldn't face having to trim round all those little bits, so I chose to use Pritt stick this time to temporarily adhere the cyclists to the background. Then I stitched them down with black thread.

And here is the complete piece.

I have joined up with an online group who are working to prompts every 2 months, and the size is A4. So, this will be for that group. But I can also use it for the Grosvenor shows journal quilts, which I usually take part in. The theme this time is Picture This, which can be interpreted quite broadly. and so I am picturing a Cycle race.

I specifically had in mind that the Tour de France had the Grand Depart in Yorkshire this year. So, it is called Tour de Yorkshire.

Hurrah! Blogger is working with my browser again!

Friday, 5 September 2014

Sailing By Dover - complete

I worked into the chalk cliff of the sailing piece with a white colour pencil. The added benefit is that it gives a bit of a chalky feel and look, which helps immensely with the over all scene.

And then sandwiched and quilted. I have been using felt as a wadding for these pieces. A good way to use up the scraps of felt I have hanging about.

I am quite pleased with the result! To be honest, it isn't totally sporty, but it works for an iconic Around Britain scene.

(Somehow these show up as electric blue when I upload them, even though they look the same as yesterday's in my photo programme. So, if it shows electric blue, please refer to yesterday's post for the proper colour! I am still having to use Chrome for adding photos to my blog.)

Thursday, 4 September 2014

August Journal Quilt

I have a list of subject matter I am thinking of using for these journal quilts. A few more ideas than there are months of the year. So, I thought I would combine one of the sports with one of the classic images which come to mind when you think of the United Kingdom.

So, here it is in development stage -

The White Cliffs of Dover with an (imaginary) Sailing scene. Sailing and boating are a few of the UK sports we are known for our success in events like the Olympics. And quite reasonable being located in the British Isles.

It is useful to take photos of work in development because you can see things that need attention. once I added the photo here *, I realised I needed to knock back the darker lines on the chalk cliff. In reality there are darker areas, but the over all look is that it is nearly white. I thought a bit of white colour pencil would be good here.

I will show you the finished piece tomorrow.

*(I began these posts in draft mode the other day because I had to add description to the photos when I uploaded it for the CQ deadline. So it helped me work out what I wanted to say.)

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

British Cycling - complete

So here is a bit about the cyclist part of the July journal quilt.

This depicts a cycle race. This year, in July, the Grande Depart for the Tour de France took place in Yorkshire, in the UK! However, our best hope - winner from last year's Tour de France - crashed out on the first day. Still, it has brought a further interest in cycling coming on top of the success of Brits in the Tour de France the past few years and in the 2012 Olympics.
I wanted to show the landscape going past at speed, which is why I did the thread painting I described yesterday.

I also wanted to show the kinetic energy of the cyclists. I cut the silhouettes of the cyclists from a black fabric I had screen printed (using a thermofax screen) some time ago. careful use of a scalpel was needed to get all the little bits out. I used a freezer paper stencil, but it didn't stick well to the acrylic paint, so had to be re-applied frequently.

As I said, the thread painting had drawn up the background fabric. So, I used a similar screen printed fabric at the right side. I had thought I might write on it like a sign, but in the end, I chose to use a white pen and a silver pen and silver metallic colour pencil to draw marks to bring it together with the rest of the design.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

July Journal Quilt

I caught up on the Journal Quilts. So, I will show them to you a bit at a time.
Here is one I am developing at the same time as an A4 size piece with the same theme. I will talk about both pieces when I get them finished.

But on the development side of things; this background fabric is similar to what I used for the 8inx8in journal quilt piece.

I have worked into it with intense thread painting in such a way as to resemble scenery whizzing by as you ride past. I am really excited by the way this has turned out just like I had in mind.
I did know it would draw the fabric up, and thought I had accounted for that, but it measures about 7 1/2 in wide instead of 8in. So, I put a sign up the side to get it to the right width.

More about the cyclists in tomorrow's post.

I will work into the A4 size piece, as well, in a similar way. It has a bit more added to the width, but I may try putting it into a hoop or using stabiliser to reduce the amount it draws up.