Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Dancing with sewing machines

The machines have arrived for the ladies. They are going to stay in their boxes.
The pink surround doesn't count, it is the excess of the felt I am using for wadding. It will be trimmed away.

I have been in a lot of pain. Finding I can only manage 5 or 10 min at most leaning over and sorting placement. I need to get this done and posted. Stop fretting over whether it is perfect! So, that is why the machines are still in their boxes!
So, today I am doing the sewing on my own sewing machine.

If I did it again, I would do one lady full of joy.

Monday, 16 January 2017

Dancing with Sewing machines

The normal dance of where pieces want to be positioned!

I find it easier to work out if it is right when I take photos...especially as my design 'wall' is really a table. So perspective gets distorted.

And even posting this, I think the orange lady might want some knocking back of the colour. I just could not find a print that read as 'African' that was big enough from my stash. And I like the idea of the butterflies for she and her companion...for me it points to the transformation a sewing machine gives for these ladies so they can earn money to support their family.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

The beads are still going on...8-14

Week 2 - 2017








Saturday, 14 January 2017

Something on Saturday

This past week we were in York again for a memorial service for my Mother-in-law at the care home where she stayed. It was quite lovely to hear the comments of some of the residents who knew her.

While we were with my sister-in-law, she gave me a cow she had picked up in a charity shop.
I have a bit of a cow collection. Not as much as I used to, I gave a lot of them to a charity shop because there were just too many. So, I really don't 'collect' anymore, but sometimes my sister-in-law gives me one.
I have kept some special ones and have a few humorous ones I like...not rude humour in case you are getting ideas. The one above I count as humorous.

I am trying to give myself a little more time for making. Also, Saturdays are sometimes quite busy with life things and I find my self scrambling around for something to post. Sooo, I just got the bright idea to post one of my cows on a Saturday. I can set the blog to post it on Saturday at a set time (like I do the beads on Sunday - another busy day). Then I can focus on working on something on a Saturday (in-between ironing and whatnot), or running one of my groups, without worrying if I have posted to the blog.

So here you are Cow 1. But they really won't be in any particular order, I just have to number them so I know where I am in my scheduling.
I see I have already got a 'cow' label, if you click there, you can see posts about a few small cow art pieces I have made. If you read through, you might even find out 'why?' about the cows.

Have fun.
PS don't send me a cow. 😛

Friday, 13 January 2017

Today is a paperwork day

So, I have been paperworking.

The TVCT meeting is next Saturday, so plans and newsletters and things.
But here are a few photos - a reminder of what we did in November, which I didn't post because of going back and forth to York.
Mavis Walker talked about her award winning chess set.

apologies for the blur
And we had a wonderful talk by Birgitta Debenham, who is a plant physiologist. She told us about a variety of plant fibres which can be used for textiles and thread.

There were a variety of pieces in which she used different types of fibres. But I had to be sure to get a photo of this one!
Just wonderful!

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Dancing with Sewing machines

The ladies...waiting for the machines.
Deciding what I am putting in the middle a larger dancing lady or a stack of machine boxes?

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

70,273 project x's 71-75

More red x's for the 70,273 project.

Trying sequins for a while.






Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Wandering returned

The piece Working for Her Daily Bread, which was made for the CQ Suitcase collection, has arrived home.

It is good to see it again. I am looking around for a good spot to display it. This one is just Not going in a cupboard.

Monday, 9 January 2017

The other bead project

I gave you a sneak peek with the dress on the dummy and then some of the beads being stitched on.

There is a big story that involved a lot of number crunching. But basically, I was inspired by the 70273 Project with the Red X's Jeanne Hewell-Chambers is using to commemorate disabled, elderly and sick people murdered by the Nazi regime in the days before they started the Holocaust pogroms. I really felt I wanted to do something similar to mark the individual women and children of Northern Nigeria who have been captured or abducted. As you recall, I mentioned this in the wearable art piece Tears for the Daughters of My People, though it's main focus was the abducted Chibok girls.

So after crunching quite a few numbers, I worked out that from 2011 the numbers came to something like 31 a month. (All of these numbers are approximates and I can't possibly tell you how I came up with the daily numbers I am commemorating because I can't remember!) As these tragedies still carry on now, this makes the 7th year. So, the jungle dress will have 7 marks per day throughout this year; the marks being like the crossing off of days seen on prison walls.

Rather than posting the progress every week, I will post a photo every month to show how the dress is eventually covered.
So, this is the first week. I expect to post the new photo near the beginning of each month.
And I will stitch it up, too!

Sunday, 8 January 2017

The beads are still going on...1-7

Week 1 - 2017

I showed the little fabric bits I was cutting last week.

Although I am working on a different daily project - very quick - I realised at the end of last year that I really did like stitching beads to the little fabric packets. And I had already purchased grey and brown fabrics for the project. The past 2 years I did a fabric packet of some shape. For 2015 using white fabric and 2016 using black fabric adding beads in the primary and secondary colours from the colour wheel. In between months I did other beaded projects. So, I have decided to 'complete my set' by doing the 6 main colours of the colour wheel in grey, then in brown on alternate months.

It took me some time to work out numbers, and then for grey I had planned more squares. But got the measurements a bit off when cutting. So, they are not quite square rectangular shapes. Ha! And as I had a smaller amount of the brown, they were planned to end up as fairly small rectangular fabric packets.
And so, those are my background stories.








The grey looks a bit blue with blue beads. It will be interesting to see what the other colours lend to the combination.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Already 1 week!

My screen shots from last week.

I love the ones with the silhouettes of the tops of the buildings.

Friday, 6 January 2017


Well, the Willows by the Watercourses wearable art was not required for the H2Oh! exhibition.
But as they had 521 entries, with space for 34, it isn't surprising.

So, now I will do a bit more to create a bit of texture on the bark. And, with Tears for the Daughters of My People, I am 2 up on my solo show at Lady Sew and Sew in March! Also, I can use them for the fashion show in the summer.
I had been saying I wanted to get ahead so I wasn't always doing something for the last minute!

In the meanwhile, Pattern Review sent me a pattern for managing the Menswear contest in late Nov, early Dec. (I could choose.)
not sure when I will make a coat not drafted for me specifically...but you never know.

And the current contest is about sewing UFO's. (Un Finished Objects) and I have hopes of getting some of the blouses finished that have been hanging on my cupboard door. We shall see. We are going on a quick visit to York next week for a memorial service for Mum at the care home she used to live. Quick visits have quite a lingering affect on me. 😩

Thursday, 5 January 2017

On the design table

Ladies dancing with sewing machines

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

70,273 project x's 61-70

More red x's for the 70,273 project.
I wanted to carry on stitching these when we were in hotels during the travels to York for planning and for the funeral and family time. However, it is Very difficult to see to stitch in those places! And when you are tired you can't bring yourself to get out the box to try to cope with bad lighting.

I have managed to get back to them this week.