Wednesday, 27 August 2014

beads going on a diversion - 1

A few months ago Karen Ruane commented about the new fabric packet beads I had started doing for 2014. Karen works beautiful embroideries which are mainly white. She also commented again when I made my blouse of embroidered cotton lawn. I actually thought of her when I was making it...that the fabric would appeal.

So, I suggested a collaboration of sorts. I would make some white beaded fabric packet bits to send to her. As and when she felt they would work on something she was making, she could include them.

So, I have been using the offcuts of the embroidered cotton lawn to make some beaded fabric packets to send to her. It has been a good chance to try out some ideas for the daily bead project...and to see what it would be like to make enough to perhaps sell. Okay, for some I went a little bit overboard!

Both sides are different, so I tried to get a photo of them from the side. I have used the same bead twice (i.e. wbead1 + wbead2) with slight variations before moving on to another bead.











wbead11-lays flat, so images of both sides

wbead12-lays flat, so images of both sides













Hopefully she has received all the beads in the post today. The rest of the beads for Karen will be shown tomorrow and the following day.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

May Journal Quilt

Yes I realise it isn't May. I am catching up on the Journal Quilts. The last few months have been very busy with making work, so I am hoping to catch up with these this week.

I am still trying to make British related pieces which will eventually go to my son. The first one I did this size for the CQ quilt Rule Britannia for the Celebrating Diversity exhibition at the Quilt Museum, was Cricket Wicket.
You may recall the Guild made cards of this one as well as my phone box. If you are interested, you can purchase them from the Guild Quilt Museum shop. The money goes to support the Quilt Museum.

Anyway, I had in mind to do a few more of the British Sports. The journal quilts this year are 8inx8in. The Rule Britannia pieces were 20cmx20cm, which is near enough the same thing.

This is what I have been putting together for Rugby.

Doesn't take long if you actually get down to doing it! I just need to layer, stitch and bind it.
I do hope I got it has to be 'Rugby Union' you know, not 'Rugby League'. (Insert rolling eyes here!) I am thinking of wee white buttons for the play positions, but I will see what it looks like stitched first.

If I can get the other 3 done this week, I can carry on doing the Journal Quilts with the rest. If not, I will still carry on, just not 'officially',

Sunday, 24 August 2014

"And the Bead Goes On and on..." 18-24 August

2014 - Week 34 Daily Beads
I don't seem to be able to load photos with my normal browser, so I have had to go with Goggle Chrome. Not happy!








Saturday, 23 August 2014

Building up the stash... it needs it?

Found some bargains when I was at Festival of Quilts.
Much wiser to sell the beads in the small packs for 50p because then you can buy more of a wide range of colours and the total is still reasonable. And yes this was on my list, but just a few of these colours, thinking I would have to purchase large packs. I would have done a small pack of that one off size 11 pearl coloured beads but they were out.

And then these...
Because I had an exhibitor badge on and it was before the show opened for the day, I was offered an extra pack along with the deal they already had signs for. Cool! Should keep me going for a while. I do use buttons from packs like these for blouses, but I also want to work out a plan for using them some  way in the daily project.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

and even more cutting

I worked out the direction of the patterns so I could get a chevron at the underarm seam.

So hopefully it won't be difficult to get them when I sew.

and now I am planning out these fat quarters - most from Fair Trade Fabrics - to make a colour-blocked blouse. They cost a bit more, so I have been collecting them a couple at a time for a few years. I am not sure what shows they go to, but I usually find them at the Festival of Quilts.
The top one and the one at an angle were from somewhere else. So options are open for whether they will work best or if I will use the spotted turquoise remnants. (Seen on the upside down piece on the pattern layout in the top photo.)

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

More cutting

I have cut out a turquoise with white spots - some bits seen at top left.

and a good part of today I have been trying to fit patterns onto this pink and blue stripe. I want to play with the side panels being diagonal, but I didn't have enough to fit them on at a 45degree angle. After much shifting and placing and shifting and placing again, I have got them to fit if I pay attention at corners. The rest of the pattern for this one will be cut from white cotton.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

First cut

This is an embroidered white on white fabric I got last year when we went to Goldhawk Road.

I need a white blouse most of all to go with the many pattern skirts I have. So this will be my starting pattern. The subsequent blouses for the On Pattern Many Looks contest will be based on this pattern.

I wanted to get a photo of the starting pattern pieces to act as a line drawing for the contest, since mine is self drafted and many of the others are choosing a published pattern as their starting place.

Pieces include the back and side back, side front and front princess style bodice. Collar and stand for collar. Long Sleeve and cuff. Separate button stand.

I have enough left of the fabric to make a skirt. No, not to wear with this blouse! but because I also need a 'plain' white summer skirt. I will probably line this with cotton if I make a skirt to give it a bit more heft. But I might do something a little more interesting with it. For now it is hanging on my cupboard door so I can consider it and so it will not be creased when I go to make up the skirt in September.

Monday, 18 August 2014


Something I haven't seen for a while...

Table tops!

I washed fabric that wanted washing before making things from it. and filled bags to donate to charity and I also sorted the pile of random things at the back of the table...well most of it. And even some under some of the tables.
This table set up was meant to be useful for cutting lengths of cloth, but I have mostly been using the space of just the large cutting mat across the table, with piles and bits encroaching. But that's what happens when I have one project after another for months on end.

So, now I have cutting tools, a folder with the patterns I aim to use, and the little flod of white cloth where I photograph my daily beads. (oh and the money box needing dealt with this week, so I am keeping it in plain sight to remember.)

This clearing is in preparation for starting fresh and getting in a couple weeks of using stashed fabrics to fill in gaps in the wardrobe (getting rid of what is in there that doesn't work) and making a head start on gifts. at the moment - from 16 August to 15 September - there is a One Pattern Many Looks contest on Pattern Review. So, I am aiming for a variety of blouses from my TNT (Tried and True)blouse pattern. And then for the whole of September there is a Fabric Stash contest. With the two overlapping, I am using new fabrics for the blouses up to the 1st of September. Then using stashed fabrics (usually the rules say over 6 months) for other blouses. and then the last 2 weeks of September I aim to make up some gifts and clothing for Ethiopia.

Once this is accomplished, or a fair bit of it, I can begin some of the next textile art pieces I have in mind. Working on something else that doesn't take me a lot of unique design development will give my head a chance to think through the ideas for those up-coming projects.

Sooo, tomorrow I hope to begin cutting, after ironing some of the washed fabrics today.
Oh yeah, Did you notice? I am not as tired as last week! So I better go to bed and keep it that way.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

"And the Bead Goes On and on..." 11-17 August

2014 - Week 33 Daily Beads





size 15 beads, so I used 2 together. I really like the look.